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Friday, December 3, 2010

How to Benefit from Contacting Your Warm Market

Saturday, August 28, 2010

There Is No Reason You Shouldn't Be Making Fifty-Thousand Dollars a Month In Ardyss

VIDEO MARKETINGNot everyone is going to start off making fifty thousand dollars a month in their internet business or MLM Many will try, but in actuality it is not all that difficult and I am sure you can.

The first thing you need to do is focus on exposure... be it for yourself or your business. This should be east with so much going on with social media, you can definitely get you name and face out there. You can use a variety of free marketing techniques including: Facebook, Twitter, Video Marketing on Youtube, or Article Marketing. When done correctly you can generate hundreds of leads a week for free when you know how to effectively use them.

I have implemented these techniques and have generated over 25 leads a day. I get my name and face in front of thousands of people daily, and they learn about Quaneshia Holden or Ardyss International or My Video Talk or whatever I choose to be promoting. I have had over 100 url clicks in one day using social media, yet the most traffic that I have had, for free, has come through my video marketing. I have also used other traffic sources like blogging and viral forum posts, all without paying a dime for the majority of these sources. Doing so, not only did I generate hundreds of free leads, I have developed name recognition as well.

The second thing you need to do is either market only high ticket items, or market your own products, or do both market high ticket items and your products. If you get involved in an MLM that has low budget or low ticket items you will never make fifty thousand a month. You may make a couple of hundred dollars, maybe even a few thousand but you will be working yourself like a dog seven days a week.

If you are involved with a MLM company that has low ticket items and you are making small commissions, just be aware that you can drastically increase your income level by simply increasing your leverage. Normally most people are just lacking a good business plan or the proper system in place to help the funnel their prospects through.

Find what works the best for you, and insert some good time management, and the lifestyle that you want and desire will unfold in front of your very eyes.

To Our Success,

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Video marketing

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Need Money to Invest in your Ardyss Business?

When we all start off in this business, we all need to make some sort of investment to get out Ardyss business off the ground. Whether it be business cards, flyers, advertising etc... we all need money to invest, but not all the time we have it.

So in trying to figure out a way to invest in and grow my Ardyss business, I came across a SUPER SIMPLE system using affiliate marketing to earn some extra money to reinvest back into my primary business.

So what is affiliate marketing you ask? Affiliate marketing is when you promote a company's services or products and you earn a commission each time a sale is made through your affiliate link.

Some companies pay out up to 50% commissions!! That's easy money.

So while researching this I can across I found out my good friend Jeremiah has a program called the 2K in 10 Day Challenge!!!

And what he does is challenge you to make $2000 in 10 days using his SUPER SIMPLE PROGRAM, and best of all it's FREE!

So tomorrow @ 4:45pst I have scheduled a webinar for you to learn more about the
2K in 10 Day Challenge.

click on this link to register now ===> I WANT TO TAKE THE 2K IN 10 DAYS CHALLENGE!!

See you there!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

"The Dirty Truth About Network Marketing That you Must Know and Understand If You Ever Want to Succeed"

Here it is:

On the surface, network marketing companies appear to be
thriving communities of consuming customers all happy with
the product that they are consuming and they really are, but
what drives that community of thriving consumers has
absolutely nothing to do with the product itself.

Let's think about this statement.

Let me ask you a question:

Why did you decide to get started in a network marketing

You don't have to say anything out loud but answer this
question in your head right now to yourself.

I guarantee you answer is somewhere along these lines "Well,
I started my business because I wanted to make some extra
money and who knows maybe even become financially free."

Am I right?

Well let me ask you another question now.

When you prospect and talk to leads about your business what
do you talk to them about?

Most likely you try to stick to the corporate script which
inevitable ends up with your prospect asking you questions
about your network marketing companies products or services.

And by the end of the conversation you've lost control of
the call and both you and your prospect end up confused
(usually get somewhere between details about your companies
product or service and the compensation plan).

You get of the phone and hope that my some grace of god your
prospect you paid $5 to confuse will decided to join your

Likely story!

Here's why:

Successful Network Marketing has NOTHING to do with selling
your prospect on your product at ALL!

To the contrary, the only thing that you should EVER talk to
your prospect about is the same thing that got you sold on
your companies business . . . More Money and Financial

You see network marketing is built on financial hopes and
dreams and honestly, if you're looking for business builders
to recruit into your organization your prospects hopes and
dreams of financial success are the only thing that you
should speak to them about, so they can sell themselves on

As an illustration of this principle think about the
situation this way, if you had equal amounts of your
company's product in one hand and money in the other which
do you think your prospect would choose?

The top money earners know the answer to that question and
that's how why make all there money!

Here's the other shift in perspective that you're going to
have to make if you want to have ultimate success with your
business and it's simply a logical continuation on the point
just discussed.

What you think of as your company's product is NOT its real
product at ALL!

Do you think your network marketing company's product is its
moon juice or long distance service?

If you do you're very wrong.

Continuing on from my last point, remember your network
marketing business will not grow if you just push product it
will only grow if you sell people on their financial

So if you think about it, your company's real product is
it's sales training and marketing system. The better your
company's marketing system is able to help you generate
sales the better any more quickly you will be able to reap
the financial benefits of your business.

To extend this point further, eventually you'll want your
downline to do all the work so you don't have to.

The simpler and more effective the marketing system plus the
strong the training your company provides the easier your
system will duplicate.

If you want to think about it in its most simple form, your
company's real product is its duplicability.

If you find a system that is easy to duplicate and you can
have your prospect "sell themselves" on their financial
dreams you will have a highly successful network marketing

Your Job is Simple:

Find people that want to attain financial freedom your way
and then shorten their learning curve so that they can go
out and do the same.

To Our Success,

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Weekly Payouts with Ardyss

Ok, so last month Ardyss rolled out there weekly payout program, and I was SUPER excited. You mean to tell me I can get paid every week? Whoo Hoo, LOL.

I love the fact that Ardyss started to pay us weekly. I feel that it helps some of the reps who are not making the big money yet, to stay motivated and laser focused because they are seeing something for their efforts every week. Because we all know waiting a whole month can seem like an eternity.

Here is a breakdown of how you will be paid weekly:

  1. Power Pack Bonus: Every time you enroll someone with a Power Pack you will receive an $80 commission, the next week!
  2. Express Bonus: When the person you personally enrolled makes their first purchase you receive a 30% commission on their first order or up to $90, the next week! Can you say WOW!
  3. Enrollment Bonus: Get paid 10% on all the purchases that your personally enrolled distributors make, regardless of where you place them. For Example, if in a same week you have 10 distributors that purchase 2 cases of Le'Vive each, you will receive $200 the next week! Wow!
  4. Ardyss Replicated Website 40% Commission:  Every time someone purchases any products on your Ardyss Replicated website you will get paid your 40% commission every week. So that means if you sell 2 Body Magics through your Ardyss Website you will earn $112 the next week!

Now can you qualify to receive these weekly payouts? Well first you have to enroll in Ardyss if you are not already a distributor. Click here to enroll with me today.

Secondly if you are already part of the Ardyss family, you have to be enrolled on the monthly Autoship with a minimum of 100 PQP. It doesn't matter what date.

Third, you have to have an activated Ardyss Visa debit card.

Now how simple is that? Before I forget, the week starts on Monday and finishes on Sunday, and you get paid the following Tuesday.

So you see people, Ardyss wants us to succeed and to stay motivated and stay the course.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ardyss Reps- Are You Mentally Prepared For This Business?

When most people enter into the network marketing industry, they believe that they will instantly make thousands of dollars overnight. How many of you thought that when you joined your company? Raise your hand...

Truth be told you can make a lot of money in this industry, but you just have to know how to handle this business and actually study it to make some serious cash. I know you hear about the success stories like Stormy Wellington, Demond Coleman, and Dorothy Cook, these amazing people happened to be a the right place at the right time and knew what to do with the opportunity, but trust me they all had to learn this industry at some point.

That is why you have to become a student in this industry and learn this industry. The one thing about network marketing, you will definitely learn who You are.

When I started in network marketing very first book I read was "Your First Year In Network Marketing" by Mark Yarnell and Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

These to are a must have if you want to succeed in this business. So put them on your summer reading list and watch your business grow.

P.S. If you need a little more inspiration or knowledge on the industry, check out the box to the right =>

See you at the top,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ardyss Reps- Are You Struggling To Get People Into Your Business?

I have some exciting news for you! I have been networking with some of the TOP LEADERS in the industry, and have come up with some AMAZING things for you that will truly CHANGE THE GAME...

What I am going to show you is the exact formula behind some of our industries LARGEST pay day's ever created...

If you have never heard of Jonathan Budd or Mark Hoverson, then you need
to google them. These two individuals who have both made millions of dollars in their
time periods our industry has ever seen...
They have just revealed a breakthrough new coaching program all about this subject.

Personally, I haven't been this excited about growing my business in a long time.

If you're looking for a faster way to achieve the results you want, and KNOW there is a better way to be making more money than you are now, you have to see this... Keep reading

After you opt in on the main home page, there are 6 videos giving away a TON of amazing content
on this "Launch Formula" process proven to create the biggest rush of buyers & sales in our industry.

I would start watching video 1, and work your way through each of them. Your mind will be BLOWN away by these two teachers have to share with you.

And as soon as you're done, makes sure to read every word on this page...


Because they are taking their coaching program off the market within the next few days, and if you miss this you'll miss a HUGE opportunity to have a strategic advantage in this industry that very few will ever have.

Yours In Success,


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public, tell me if you have EVER seen a strategy to grow your business this powerful...


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