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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Weekly Payouts with Ardyss

Ok, so last month Ardyss rolled out there weekly payout program, and I was SUPER excited. You mean to tell me I can get paid every week? Whoo Hoo, LOL.

I love the fact that Ardyss started to pay us weekly. I feel that it helps some of the reps who are not making the big money yet, to stay motivated and laser focused because they are seeing something for their efforts every week. Because we all know waiting a whole month can seem like an eternity.

Here is a breakdown of how you will be paid weekly:

  1. Power Pack Bonus: Every time you enroll someone with a Power Pack you will receive an $80 commission, the next week!
  2. Express Bonus: When the person you personally enrolled makes their first purchase you receive a 30% commission on their first order or up to $90, the next week! Can you say WOW!
  3. Enrollment Bonus: Get paid 10% on all the purchases that your personally enrolled distributors make, regardless of where you place them. For Example, if in a same week you have 10 distributors that purchase 2 cases of Le'Vive each, you will receive $200 the next week! Wow!
  4. Ardyss Replicated Website 40% Commission:  Every time someone purchases any products on your Ardyss Replicated website you will get paid your 40% commission every week. So that means if you sell 2 Body Magics through your Ardyss Website you will earn $112 the next week!

Now can you qualify to receive these weekly payouts? Well first you have to enroll in Ardyss if you are not already a distributor. Click here to enroll with me today.

Secondly if you are already part of the Ardyss family, you have to be enrolled on the monthly Autoship with a minimum of 100 PQP. It doesn't matter what date.

Third, you have to have an activated Ardyss Visa debit card.

Now how simple is that? Before I forget, the week starts on Monday and finishes on Sunday, and you get paid the following Tuesday.

So you see people, Ardyss wants us to succeed and to stay motivated and stay the course.

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