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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ardyss Events: Presidential School and Red Carpet Experience

Ardyss is gearing up for there annual Presidential School. This is where everyone who is desiring to reach the rank of President within the company, will be trained in an intimate session by others who have reached Platinum President. Presidential School in June 3rd-4th in Las Vegas, NV. We will be staying at the fabulous MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. If you have already gotten your ticket, you can also purchase rooms through your back office at a discounted rate. Many room and tickets were paid for by the company it you advanced in rank. Over 500 people won a 2 night free stay, all paid for by Ardyss!

Some the the keynote speakers at the event will be Platinum President Stormy Wellington, Platinum President Demond Coleman, and of course the Godmother of Ardyss Ms. Dorothy Cook. We will be given intense training for 2 day that will surely boost our business to the next level and have us on our way to President in no time. Many lives have been changed after attending Presidential School.

During these 2 days Ardyss is also hosting there annual Red Carpet event. This event acknowledges the Superstars that have over 200,000 in volume and have maintained that volume. This is so exciting, everyone is flown out on a private jet, and treated to luxurious spas, hotels and dinner. Doesn't that sound amazing?! I cannot wait to attend theses events. These 2 days will be sure to be filled with knowledge, encouragement, and excitement.

If you want to be on the Red Carpet next year or attend Presidents School, you can fill out the form and be on your way:  Tell Me More About Ardyss

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