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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Marketing Your Ardyss Business

When most people join network marketing companies, they are excited and pumped up and rearing to go. Especially during that first and second week in the business, and then IT happens. You know what IT is, it's when the excitement wears off and you are realizing that you actually have to do some work. So now after you have done your first or second showcases, and have gone through your WARM MARKET, you have to venture out there into the COLD MARKET. Sounds scary huh, LOL. Well, it's not as scary as you may think...

I have put together a list of my top five places that I love, love, love to prospect. This list is sure to put a fire up under your business. Because you cannot be a secret agent in this business.


  1. Coffee Shops- ex. Starbucks, Coffee Bean etc-There are always people hanging out at these places, before work, after work and lunch time. There are also many people that are there working themselves, so I see it as a great opportunity to start TALKING.
  2. Clothing Stores-ex: Marshalls, TJMaxx, Ross-Go into the fitting rooms and ask the people who are trying on clothes if they would like a free body transformation. Great way to get them into the garments. Also in my experience there are always people getting off of work coming to shop (talking about how tired they are of their JOB) that the perfect opportunity for you to start talking to them.
  3. Hair Salons/Barber Shops-This is a great place to market all of your Ardyss products. Being in the health , wellness and beauty industry these are the places you NEED TO BE. You can ask the salon owner if you could come in once a week to present your products, make sure you always talk to whoever is in charge first before talking to the customers.
  4. Gyms- This is a great place to market your garments and nutritional products. Make sure that when you are changing clothes, it is during the times that classes are changing. That way people can see you in the garment and how it makes you look in your clothes.
  5. Conventions, Job Fairs, Health Fairs- These are places where people are looking for what you have. They are looking for new opportunities and products.
Check out some of these places you will see a difference in your business, and remember consistency is key. You have to develop habits that will produce results.

Watch this video that may help too :

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