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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Marketing Your Business-- Online vs. Offline

When I first start with my company, I did everything that my upline told me to do...Pass out flyers, host showcasing parties, cold calling, wear a button to attract attention to me, etc, you name it I did it. I thought I was the marketing queen, I would come up with all types of catchy flyers to get customers attention. I would go out day after day prospecting to strangers, who probably thought I was crazy, I would put marketing materials on windshields, in baskets at the grocery store, and many more weird places.

Don't get me wrong, I was getting a few leads from my marketing efforts, but what happened in the end, I was spending more money than I was making! I thought to myself "This is ridiculous, what am I doing wrong." Like many other people in network marketing I was about to give up and go back to a regular 9 to 5 (J.O.B), Deep in my heart I really did not want to do that.

I said "It has to be easier than this" and indeed there was. That is when I discovered internet marketing.

The internet is a tool that provides you with a way to connect with millions and show off your marketing skills to the world. What I discovered is that with the internet you become the hunted and not the hunter. On the internet we use a marketing technique called "attraction marketing."

When you provide relevant content to people, and provide them what they are searching for the you have struck GOLD!!! Using the correct attraction marketing system will ensure that you will go from 0-1 leads per day to 100 leads per day and will definitely EXPLODE YOUR DOWNLINE!

When I found this out, I was amazed to find out that I could have people actually LOOKING FOR ME with out having my feet hurt from standing up all day in heels. For me the best thing about internet marketing is that you can do it from home. I can spend more time with my son and have more "me time". That was the most important to me.

So now I spend my days (only a few hours a day) doing article marketing, social media, (you know twitter and facebook) and doing relevant videos on youtube. I spend a few hours on this and I am done.

To find out exactly what I do everyday follow my blog because I will be breaking down exactly what attraction marketing is. If you think you are ready to do exactly what I do, then click here to get the secrets of internet marketing today!

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