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Thursday, December 17, 2009

What is Ardyss International?

Ardyss International emerged in 1991 as a Mexican Manufacturing Company that developed a new concept in garments designed for reshaping the female figure. This innovative concept was an idea that belonged to Mr. Antonio Diaz de Leon. Ardyss International offerings range from intimate apparel to cosmetics and skin care.

Two years ago Ardyss decided to bring their business to the United States. They figured the best thing for their business was direct sales. Today Ardyss operates in over 5 countries including Canada, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Mexico with more than 40 distribution centers worldwide. Ardyss is a leader in the Health and Wellness Industry with their ongoing product research and development staff of engineers and doctors. Ardyss has realized that no matter what people still want to look and feel good and has combined the best of three industries: Nutrition, Skin Care and Reshaping.

At Ardyss International they are convinced that " We Can Be What We Believe We Can Be." Ardyss International provides a vehicle and the tools to be and achieve all that you have ever imagined. This company represents a business opportunity for anyone who wants to make the first step.

Want more info about Ardyss International or how you can sign up? ==> Click Here

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  1. where an average everyday ole joe like me can make an income that a most people will never see...WOW...not to mention that you will help many people...i love it