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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ardyss Events-Extravaganza

The BIG Day is finally here! The day that most Ardyss distributors have been waiting for. Ardys Extravaganza is a major corporate event that the Diaz-De Leon family ( Ardyss Founders ) has put together to help honor and celebrate the leaders, and the up and coming mover and shakers in Ardyss. The event takes place Feb. 14th-16th in Las Vegas, NV, now I know most of you are thinking, man that's Valentine's Day? Yes it is, but I am more than willing to sacrifice one day of celebrating Love and Relationships, to do something that can change your future for the better.

These three exciting days will be filled with extensive training to help you explode your Ardyss business, acknowledgments, and accomplishments. Ardyss will be unveiling their new compensation plan that include the $500,000 Powerstart Program, the company car for Platinum President, which is the new Mercedes S500, as well as new garments and products that will be added to their already excellent product line.

Ardyss is really rolling out the red carpet for its distributors in 2010. Another exciting thing Ardyss has done for it's distributors is given them health insurance. I don't know of many network marketing companies that have done that. This move is really branding them as a leader in this industry.

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