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Friday, December 11, 2009

This Week...

This week has been a long and knowledgeable week for me. On Tuesday I had the pleasure of going to another training and business meeting with Executive President Jessica Johnson. This lady is absolutely awesome. She gives some much energy and has so much passion she reminds me every time why I joined Ardyss. I took a new rep that I just signed up with me, to help him get started right with Ardyss. I learned some new things and heard some amazing testimonies of how the nutritional product have helped some people.

After leaving the training I came home a started working on some recipes and combos with the nutritional products. I will post those later on. I also started thinking about my marketing skills and what I can do to enhance them. Being that the Ardyss Extravaganza is Feb. 13th I need to be on point with my business. If you don't know what the Ardyss Extravaganza is then you are missing out! The extravaganza is an annual company event that recognizes our accomplishments and sets our new goals for the future. It’s a magical experience that showcases everything new and exciting in Ardyss products, programs and service. This is an event that cannot be missed, and I cannot wait.

Wednesday I got out in my neighborhood and introduced the business to my neighbors. My neighbors are awesome, some purchased some products from me, and some are interested in the business. Hopefully they give me a chance to change their lives too. Then on Friday I actually got out in the rain and was still pushing the products. I even surprised myself, LOL. As you all know rain is like krytonite to a womans hair, LOL. Other than that I have just been learning all that I can about Ardyss, network marketing and how to work from home effectively. I will also be doing more youtube videos and webinars to train my team.


  1. Loving your journey to Platinum...I'll definitely see you OVER THE TOP!!!

  2. Thanks Gee I will see you there. Keep up the good work!